Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Lighting the Cromwell

Back in August of 2020, I decided that my Cromwell-T for Konflikt `47 needed an upgrade.  Specifically, the Tesla cannon needed to be more Tesla.  I was happy with the paint, but I wondered how cool it would look if it actually lit up.

It was a little nerve-wracking to cut and drill an already painted model, but the end result was worth it.

Turret before conversion

Barrel removed
Barrel and base drilled to meet inside turret

New barrel constructed from flexible straw, styrene strips, and a LEGO plate

LED test fit

Flickering LED kit with switch and battery

New barrel painted

Wires fed through turret

Barrel glued, wires trimmed

Battery and switch added. These sit in the tank body.

Finished conversion with light off

Finished conversion with light on

Thursday, March 3, 2022

British Infantry

In addition to the weird war units in the Konflikt '47 British starter set, there are a number of regular infantry figures.  These were my first attempts at World War 2 era infantry, and are fairly drab, especially compared to AWI units that I'm used to seeing.

For these figures, I did some basic base-coating, attempted some shading, and did a bit of black-lining to pick out details.  I also attempted eyes, which, fortunately, I've become better at since these figures were done.

The infantry men make up the bulk of my K'47 army.  They could also be used for Warlord Game's Bolt Action, or Two Fat Lardies' Chain of Command game, which I'm looking into someday playing.

1st section of my 1st Infantry squad

2nd section of my 1st Infantry squad

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Automated Infantry

Back to trying to get caught up on posting.

Continuing with my Konflikt `47 army from a couple of years ago, here are my Automated Infantry from the British Starter Box.  These figures are actually the reason that I chose to go with the British, and even to get involved with K47 at all.  They just looked too cool on the box, and had the Weird War aesthic that called to me.

Automated Infantry Squad  
The reality is, they are difficult to assemble, and often difficult to play.  Being sort of mindless automatons, they don't always follow orders, often not reacting at all.  When they do, though, they can deal out some massive damage.

Ready for duty

I've found the best way to play them is in pairs.  Thus, I usually wield two small squads of two automatons each, keeping my fifth one as a spare for when one of the ones on the table falls apart (the joints on the models are super fragile).

Even when they don't work as planned, they are fun to play.  Such as the time I spent an entire game trying to get one squad to activate.  They refused every turn, until the very end of the game, where they malfunctioned and fired on the closest friendly unit, which in this case was a single figure all the way across the board, who sprinted from a treeline trying to reach better cover.  They mowed him down in spectacular fashion.  Not a great outcome for my army that day, but *very* cinematic.

Backing up the infanry during a city fight

Taking cover in the woods